Hey der! i dun ben so busy it jus dawn on ma dat i hadnt posted in almost a yer! Well we dun hav so much goin on it hard to keep up! Wit dat said, Imma be movin again rel soon! I headin back to Happy valley area in dat new pod dey buildin called Happy Valley Station. It gonna be real nice yea cher! And I'll have plenti company too! Head over to der facebook page (www.facebook.com/HappyValleyStation) ta kep up wit whose comin and when we be opening! I tink yall will love dey new place! Hope ta be up and runnin der mid Sept. until nex time, au revoir!
Bon Jour! Roux her! Di yu her da goo news? We done up and moved! We now located at dey good food here pod in dat der big city of Portland! I know tis gonna be good yea cher! It was a great run in Damascus, but time for change! Come check mey out in ma new location. 4262 SE BELMONT St. I be waitin on ya! Au Revoir! -Roux
Hey y'all! Roux here! Tis ben a lon time yea cher! I jus ben so darn busy sellin dat seasonin, addin new items, have yu tried dey Red Beans yet? Woo wee dey good yea cher, an gettin new signs, and dat list jus dont stop no cher! Nex ting ya know, dey Mardi Gras done came and went! At least y'all got ta see my owner Chris in dat der Mardi Gras costume! I bet y'all was like...dat der is some crazy folk! Anyways, we gots a lot goin on. I'm gonna be in 2 books comi out real soon and Chris is judgin dat World Etouffee cookoff right der in Eunice plus we tryin to add 2 new seasonins to our line. Not ta mention tryin to get dey current one in stores! Woo cher, dat aint easy no but we in some and dey keep addin up! Did ya also know I'm gonna be an Auntie! Dats right! Chris and his wife gonna have a baby boy dis June! Not dat der is excitin yes! We gots a whole lot goin on and more ta come! I'll try to keep ya bedda updated! We'll y'all, I better get back at it! Hopefully won't be so long between talkin to ya nex time! Au Revoir!

Bonjour y'all! Tis ben a long time yea cher! Jus ben so darn busy lately, but all dat hard work has paid off yea cause dey seasoning has finally arrived! Dats right cher! Yu can order my famous seasoning right here on dis website or yu can head over to dat site called Amazon an order it from der too! I ben talkin wit some folks from some of dem local grocery stores and hopin we can get it on der shelves too dat way yu can get your Cajun Fix whenever yu want! Well cher, gonna have to make dis one short. Got tu get back tu it but come out an see me to get some of ma seasoning or just place yu order online. And dont forget to get your Cajun Fix dis weekend. I open at 3 today and 11 tomorrow. See yu then! Till next time! Au Revoir!
Bonjour der Cher! Woooowee, it ben a long time yea since I been on dis here ting! I jus ben so busy wit all the customers and planning our expansion! It takes a lot out a girl yea cher! You gonna like dis though! We startin our own seasoning line! Dats right! Dey same spices yu get in der gumbo and bayou boogie will be available fo sale soon yea! We got a label  being designed and updating dat der logo so we can look good on dey shelves! We already contacted some local grocery chains and let some o you taste dey product before we even ready! Be on dey lookout fo someting called Kickstarter link for a chance fo you to invest in our growth and get rewarded wit some early shipments and other cool tings. We also got market season right around dey corner and are trying to expand our hours to include Wednesday and Tursday! We even have some folks across dey country and right her in PDX that want to franchise our model! Crazy busy yea cher! Crazy busy! Anyway.. jus thout I'd pop on an give an update fo y'all. Gotta go, Got a lot of planning to tend to! Until next time, Au revoir!!!!
Bonjour y'all! Woowee, wat a year tis has been! We dun started dey new business, werked many dem farmers markets, we even dun got selected to serve at dat der Jeldwen Field for dey Timbers game! All in our first 6 months! 2013 is sho to bring even mo excitement and who der knows what we'll end up doin next! We do kno we plan tu sell traditional boiled crawfish by dey pound, hold somting for Mardi Gras, possibly expand into dey building next to mey, and hopefully begin packaging and shipping ma der food across dey US! Only God knos whats next for us, but we sur are enjoying dey ride! Tanks to all y'all for dey support and love yu show us ev'ryday! We couldn't do it witout yu! Wit dat said, Here are some of dey pics from dey year! Happy New Year! See yu in 2013 yea cher! Au Revoir!

Chosen to serve at Jeldwen Field
Our first Day selling out at cart
Customers rockin our new Tees!
Even the youngins like dey Gumbo!
Write up in local paper
Our first set up at Damascus Farmers Market
Inside cart after remodel
Hey der cher! Tis been a while I kno but I ben so busy, havent had dey time to get on dis ting! Dey past 2 months have ben crazy yea cher! We got to du dey Portland Timbers Game(chec out de pics below), we mey have a deal in de works to become a permanent vendor at de stadium, we jus finished Market season, an now we are puttin ads in dey paper and deals on someting called Groupon. Dey rains have returned and dey cold is here ta stay and dat means we in prime Cajun eatin weather yea! I bet ya'll didn kno dat. Cold rainy weader makes fo dey best Cajun eatin not tu mention it means Crawfish season tis almos her!! We even got som new signs comin to help bring mo people to me! Tanks for all de support! Keep on tellin yo friends and sendin em ma way. Ok cher! I gotta go, Au Revoir!
Woooo days a lot o meat!
Dey Menu at dey Game

Cookin Dey Gumbo
Dats cuz ya'll helped us get der!
Bonjour Cher! We hada g'ood week last week yea! Lots of new folks stopped on by. We even ha some restaurant owners want tu buy ma g'ood food fo der places! Dat was last week. Dis week is gonna be a big one too yea cher! We ha Damascus Market, den at the cart, den da big ole Gresham Market! Phew, dat the big times yea! I hope I can keep up wit da folks stoppin by! It'll be all g'ood. God knos what He's doin and we wouldn't be der if He didnt want us der. I plan tu cook double what I normally cook jus tu help wit demand. Once we sell out, we done dough cher. So come see me dis week cher. I sure do miss you!
Hey y'all! We finally open (though not 100% powered up) but dats ok Cher! God knows what he's doin. I got te thinking yeserday and realized dat had we gotten our power on las mont, we have big bills dis month yea Cher and since we haven't been busy (yet) at de cart, we'd have big bills and no way to pay for dem! Dats why yo always have tu trust God in all we du. He's gonna lead us rite and he knows what he's doin. Till next time! Au Renoir! (ps did I mention we open! Come see us der at de cart!)
Hey Y'all! Well as you probby ready know, I had tu move. But tis ok cher. I'm in a bedda spot now. Today's a big un. Electrical inspector comes. If I get de ok, I could be open Friday! Woowee dat would be nice. Gonna keep dis one short since I probby post later wit de updates. Au revoir cher! 


    Bon Jour! Ma name is Roux and I am a Cajun Food Cart serving great tastin Authentic Cajun Cuisine in the NW.


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