Grilled Burgers/Sliders


These aren't your ordinary burgers/sliders! Made with a pork blend, butter, and a blend of A CAJUN LIFE seasonings and rubs. It's sure to be a crowd pleaser! 



1.5 lb Ground Pork

1 lb Ground Chuck

Hamburger Buns of your choice

Sliced Smoked Cheddar

2 Tablespoons A CAJUN LIFE All Purpose Seasoning

2 Tablespoons A CAJUN LIFE Blackening Rub

Butter (keeps burgers extra juicy!)


For sliders or burgers, in a large bowl, combine ground pork, ground chuck, and the A CAJUN LIFE Seasonings/Rubs. Mix together well.

Form into patties (thinner for sliders) placing a slice of butter inside each.

Grill to desired level of done keeping in mind these patties are majority pork. 

Top with smoked cheddar and condiments of your choosing. Bon Appetite!